Location Address Rooms Built-Up Contract type Property type Price Details
                        Property & sidebar agent Sublevel, Hialeah, Florida 4 150 Sq Ft Urgent Sale Cottage $113,859 More
                        Property & agent at bottom Miami, Florida 15 1000 Sq Ft Sale Villa / House Contact us for pricing More
                        Modern apartment on 5th floor with views of the Lake Saint Petersburg, Florida 4 174 Sq Ft Sale Studio $113,859 More
                        Sell beautiful Studio in one of the best areas New York 53 500 Sq Ft Sale Penthouse $849,000 More
                        Apartment for sale with high quality finishing New York 5 57 Sq Ft Sale Apartments/Flat $849,000 More
                        For sale beautiful apartment on Park Avenue New York 10 346 Sq Ft Rent Apartments/Flat $1,589,000 More
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